LM Parfums Aldhèyx Eau De Parfum
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LM Parfums Aldhèyx Eau De Parfum Sample

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You've landed on LM Parfums Aldhèyx Eau De Parfum!

Brand Description:

Aldhèyx represents the addictive nature of all consuming lust. The fragrance expresses the chemical attraction of two bodies which are drawn to each other in an almost unhealthy way; they are obsessed and unable to resist each other.

Available sizes:

Subscents Bottle

  • 2ml sample
  • 5ml sample
  • 10ml sample
  • 20ml sample

Original Branded Bottle

  • 100ml

Here at Subscents, we don't sell copies. All of the fragrances you buy from us are 100% authentic. We simply rebottle them in smaller sizes to enable you to find your perfect fragrance without splashing out on a big bottle first.

Remember: our 2ml, 5ml, 10ml and 20ml sizes are fragrance samples and will be bottles as such - you will not receive the branded bottle as shown as the image on this page.