Dior Fahrenheit Parfum
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Dior Fahrenheit Parfum Sample

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I prefer the Eau

I wanted to love this and it started off really positive. Great opening, deep (for me, Orange). After an hour, it was a big no from me I'm afraid. If you have ever smelled a male changing room pre or after a game, there is a distinct smell of some form of emollient that has medicinal qualities. Like a vapour rub. This is what it turned into for me. The original Fahrenheit blows this one away. It is still polarising, but that's its unique quality. The Parfum did not work for me.

You've landed on Dior Fahrenheit Parfum!

Brand Description:

Fahrenheit Parfum, the new intensity. A harmony of opposites to combine strength and elegance. The fragrance dons a vibrant and sensual accord, featuring violet and leather accents enhanced with Bourbon vanilla absolute. The irresistible appeal of a unique fragrance heightened by precious ingredients.

Available sizes:

Subscents Bottle

  • 2ml sample
  • 5ml sample
  • 10ml sample
  • 20ml sample

Original Branded Bottle

  • 75ml sample

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