Burberry Her Eau De Parfum
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Burberry Her Eau De Parfum Sample

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Amazing fragrance

Smell soooooo fresh and sweet ! Love it. Will repurchase again!

Smells like a fruit forest

Lovely sweet strawberry fragrance, very feminine! glad I was able to buy a sample to test this out. It’s a bit too sweet for me. Delivery was very quick and efficient.

Beautiful Smell but you really don't need a lot!

One of my work colleagues recommended this perfume to me and I didn't really want to commit to a larger bottle without trying it first so to be able to purchase a small sample bottle was a great idea (well-done Subscents). I ordered two, the standard Burberry for Her and the 'Intense' version also ~ both are lovely perfumes obviously the Intense one more suitable to evening wear for me personally as it's a lot stronger than the 'Her' version. Would definitely use again to try-before-buying perfumes! Thank you

You've landed on Burberry Her Eau De Parfum!

Brand Description:

Her Eau de Parfum is the first gourmand fragrance with a British twist by Burberry. A burst of red and dark berry notes lightened by a luminous, white woody accord. Effortlessly stylish, energetic, optimistic, adventurous and bold - the spirit of Her, captured in London - a beautiful, bustling, creative metropolis, eclectic and full of life. The bottle is luxurious yet understated, inspired by an archival Burberry fragrance design.

Available sizes:

Subscents Bottle

  • 2ml sample
  • 5ml sample
  • 10ml sample
  • 20ml sample

Original Branded Bottle

  • 30ml
  • 50ml
  • 100ml

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