Fragrance Samples

Always wanted that high end luxury fragrance but can't justify buying a whole bottle? That's where our fragrance samples come in - a kind of 'try before you buy'.

Why Try A Fragrance Sample?

It can also be difficult and overwhelming to find a new smell due to the sheer number of fragrances on the market. By giving you the option to purchase a smaller bottle, it makes your discovery far less expensive!

All of our perfume samples and aftershave samples are 100% genuine - we simply don't do copies. We just rebottle it into smaller sizes to make it more affordable for you.

We sell perfume samples in 2ml, 5ml, 10ml and 20ml bottles. A 2ml bottle is perfect for trying a new fragrance. Ordering 20ml is perfect if you've discovered a new favourite scent but the full bottle is really expensive!

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Don't forget - all of our scent samples can be purchased with free delivery included! We also have upgraded delivery options if you're looking for an even quicker service.

We stock both niche and high street brands - we have something for everyone! Best sellers include the likes of Dior Sauvage, Creed Aventus and Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

Even though some of the fragrances we stock might be aimed towards one gender or the other, don't be scared to try something new. We often discover new favourites that we otherwise wouldn't think of wearing when we're bottling up new orders!

Our Sample Bottles

You'll see that as well as the full size bottles (in their branded packages), we offer smaller sizes as samples.

They're clear plastic bottles (spray atomisers) which we fill with your chosen perfume or aftershave. The liquid is taken straight from the full size bottle and transferred directly to the sample bottle.

Depending on how much you spray each wear, here's a small guide on how long each of our fragrance sample sizes should last:

2ml Fragrance Samples
This size spray bottle is perfect for handbags and nights out.  It's also great when you're not to sure whether or not the scent will be for you - affordable and practical. You can get up to 5 uses out of this.

5ml Fragrance Samples
This size spray bottle is again handy for bags so you can carry it around. However, they're perfect for when your going away on holiday. For plane travel and ultimately a longer lasting bottle - this is the option for you. You can get up to 12 uses out of this.

10ml Fragrance Samples
This size bottle is perfect if you've found a scent that you love but don't want to fork out for a full size bottle. If you're someone who likes to wear a new scent more often, this will be a brilliant option. These bottles are still fairly small so easy to carry around day to day if needs be. You can get up to 24 uses out of this.

20ml Fragrance Samples
With this option, you get 2 of our 10ml size spray bottles. If it's the scent for you but you'd still rather keep more of your money in the bank, this is the perfect option. Choose this size and you'll be smelling great for so long. You can get up to 48 uses out of this.

Genuine Fragrances

We promise that all of our sample and full size bottles contain 100% genuine fragrances. We simply do not use copies or fakes.

When you purchase a sample from us, we take the liquid directly from the branded bottle and put it into the sample bottle. This all happens in a controlled environment to prevent cross contamination and to ensure that you're getting the high quality product you expect.

All of our decants are hand poured by ourselves with the utmost care. We are in no way affiliated with the brands / labels we sell. We do not and will not market the fragrances as our own. We aim to simply make fragrances a little more affordable and remove the need to buy larger volumes - especially helpful if you're unsure about the scent in any way.