Byredo Samples

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Who Is Byredo?

Byredo was formed by Ben Gorham in 2006. They are a Swedish company originating in Stockholm.

He combined Indian heritage from his mother with his own minimalistic influences. High quality perfumes from this brand are well known around the world and for good reason - top quality raw materials and simple compositions.

Redolence - Byredo's name comes straight from this English word meaning sweet smelling perfume (quite fitting really).

Ben created his luxury perfumes from the aromas of incense and spices he had discovered in his mother's hometown.

They offer many different products and we stock both Byredo perfume and aftershave samples.

Try one of their most popular fragrances today - Byredo Gypsy Water. For a warm and romantic fragrance, be sure to try Byredo Bal D'Afrique.

Any of the fragrances we offer from this huge brand will add something different to any fragrance collection.