Welcome To Subscents

Welcome to our very first blog post! This one is all about us - who we are, what we do and what we want to achieve. Subscents is a journey.

And to all of our customers so far - a big thank you for helping us to make things happen (especially during these difficult times).

Welcome To Subscents

Who We Are

In short, we are Subscents. We are a company formed around the idea of making high end and niche fragrances available to the general public at more affordable prices.

We realised that it can be difficult to fork out over £100 (sometimes a lot more) on a bottle of perfume or aftershave. We entered the market wanting to change this and you can see how below.

For a little bit more on who we are, you can check out our about us page.

What We Do

We make fragrances more affordable by decreasing the size of the bottle you purchase it in (as well as offering the usual sizes too!). It's a simple as that.

By making the biggest designer fragrances available in smaller quantities, the cost of buying them becomes cheaper for our customers.

At present, the smaller 'Subscents Bottle' sizes we offer are as follows:

2ml Subscents Bottle

The 2ml size is perfect if you've never tried the fragrance. It enables you to 'try before you buy' so to speak.

However, it's also perfect if you know what the scent is but only need a very small amount. Maybe you have a wedding to attend? This size is portable and will last you all day.

5ml Subscents Bottle

The next step up is our 5ml bottle.

Found a scent that you like but love to chop and change? 5ml will last you long enough to wear fairly regularly but not to long that you'll get bored of it!

This size would be great if you have a few events to attend in the upcoming months and you want a special or unique fragrance to wear.

10ml Subscents Bottle

Price conscious but love that certain fragrance? Choose the 10ml Subscents Bottle.

This will last you twice as long as the 5ml alternative and is perfect to carry around with you should you need a top up throughout the day.

20ml Subscents Bottle (2 x 10ml)

The final step before you jump up to the fragrances in their larger and original bottles - our 20ml size.

You'll receive 2 of our 10ml bottles so it's still compact and portable for on the go!

This is great if you still don't want to spend too much money on that luxurious fragrance but have absolutely fell in love with it.

We nickname this size 'The Keeper'. You smelt it. You loved it. You own it.

Full Size Original Bottles

Because we aim to keep you as a customer (we're in it for the long run, not the quick sale), we also sell the original fragrances like many of the high street perfume stores.

We like to think of Subscents as a journey of discovery. A customer finds a fragrance they'd like to try, orders a sample, falls in love and then purchases the full size bottle (or larger sample bottle!) from us.

Perfume Is The Ultimate Accessory - Subscents

What We Want To Achieve

Essentially, we want to build a loyal customer base of fragrance enthusiasts like ourselves.

We saw a problem that we'd experienced (as well as many other people) and created Subscents as a solution.

We want to keep increasing the amount of perfumes and aftershaves that we stock - from high end designer fragrances to niche, lesser well known (but still just as good) fragrances.

Join Us And Discover Your Fragrance

We truly appreciate that you've taken the time to read this post. Maybe we've enticed you to become a customer?

Start your journey and try something from our range of fragrance samples.

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